Thursday, 17-January-19, 8:30 PM
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Today marks the first day of Road Course testing for the Lucas Racing team in a sun-filled January day at Road Atlanta. Temperatures are around mid-40's, as John Battista, Alex Crapser and Dalton Lucas fly around the 2.5-mile facility and record pace. Battista managed to sweep both road races last season, making him the first to do so since Tim McDonnell in 2012. On this day, Crapser topped the charts of the three with a 108.623 MPH lap, proving that JB will have more well-rounded competition come 2019.

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A calm nightfall at the outskirts of Daytona, where modern day records are ready to be broken. It was nowhere near Bill Elliott's record, but "Rocket" Ryan Heuser went out at 199.058 mph during testing today, a modern day record for single-car speed. Some of the underdogs could barely crack 196, so as far as it goes now, the rest of the show needs to step up their pace or they will be following the "Rocket Man" all day long come February.

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Some of the N.O.R.L. regulars are still in hopes of making the Daytona 500 this year, especially with the influx of new teams specifically preparing for the one race. Dale Rosendaul managed to crack the top-35 last season after an 18th-place effort at Homestead, knocking Mark Guthrie out of provisional status with a blown engine on lap 86. For the rest, like Glenn Kaufmann, Kevin Corbat, Scott Deutsch and Broderick Wittman, the pressure remains on. Fortunately, nobody has had greater sponsorship ties than Glenn and Clorox since Dave Marcis and Realtree, so they will continue to qualify for every race regardless. For the others, that precious income may be in jeopardy without making the field.

2017 N.O.R.L. Cup Series Points Standings

33. Walt Flowers
34. Brandon Raines
35. Dale Rosendaul
-----------CUT LINE-------------
36. Mark Guthrie
37. Scott Drake
38. Kevin Corbat
39. Scott Deutsch
40. Tyler Scott
41. Glenn Kaufmann
42. David Courtney
43. Brian Lowe
44. Philip Parker
45. Broderick Wittmann
46. Stephen Lowe

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Speedweeks testing for 2019 has already commenced, and with some of the top contenders showing off their new-season horsepower, two independent teams showed up looking to possibly make their first Daytona 500. Alec Stelloh will show off his Prospect Airport Services car for the first time, adding some extra purple to the show. Jim Fitzmaurice has also branded his new team together with crew chief Nick Butterworth, hoping that their one-race deal with Snap-On will prove to be a success. As for now, they are tandem-drafting in hopes to build enough speed to keep up with the pack.

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We are looking to gauge interest in a possible iRacing series. One of the ideas put forth would be a series with the old IR05 Indycar, please leave any feedback on this you have.

Here is the potential schedule we have worked up




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