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smittys offline fiction racing series
TwinkieDate: Friday, 10-May-13, 4:07 PM | Message # 1
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i was wanting to do an offline series like tony (fastkid) so here are the teams and drivers of the fictional offline racing series

Brill racing
#2 Ariane Brill
#23 Steve Blockando
#30 Jamale Leichtfuss

Leichtfuss Motorsports inc.
#5 Andre Leichtfuss
#94 Burton Saerlem

Carnegie Motorsports
#7 Dave Hertz
#10 Danny Dervitan
#14 Jake Mathewes

NFL Racing
#01 Troy Powers

Snakitar Racing
#07 Daniel Fuentes
#21 Peter Snakitar
#22 Don Snakitar

Gas N Go Racing
#11 George Mountania
#12 Joe Mountania
#19 Dan Michaels

Team Kelly Racing
#13 Denny Kelly
#69 Armani Riggio

Dodge Chrysler inc.
#28 Daniel Sunatamar

PBNJ Racing
#27 Jeff Jif

Bandit inc.
#32 Dave Enarito
#39 Garth Brooker
#63 Walter Johnston

Gear 5 Racing
#34 Michael Henson
#52 Fred Garnen
#54 Glenn Kaufmann

Henryson Racing
#38 Jimmie Hershill
#48 Gary Henryson
#58 Bobby Martinez

Bear Motorsports
#98 Smokey Greer

Petty Enterprizes
#43 Rodney Combs

Fast Fuel Motorsports
#47 Tim Graingers

Overboard Motorsports
#57 Chris Vendelin
#66 Branden Menard

Harley Davidson Motorsports
#72 Jay Davidson
#89 Gill Harley

Ledean Racing
#71 Dave Udanso
#80 Andy Ledean (me)

Harbortson Racing
#73 Joe Phillips

Papyrus Racing
#83 Jerod Rees

Jones Racing
#84 John Jones
#88 Robert Hill

#68 BITCHES!!!!!

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kevo55Date: Saturday, 11-May-13, 3:51 PM | Message # 2
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...nice way of making another one just cause you didnt get the team you wanted.... and you called jb a douchebag.

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TwinkieDate: Saturday, 11-May-13, 5:55 PM | Message # 3
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hey kevin please dont start this again dry  and besides i call jb a douchebag all the time tongue  anyways and also i was joking and i knew he would take hendrick but i thought it looked like fun to do it with ficional drivers so i did this cool if you dont like it then dont do it.

Added (13-May-11, 6:55 PM)
im gonna change things up. the 98 car will be mine and will be out of all races so that car cant be chosen.

#68 BITCHES!!!!!
FastKid15Date: Saturday, 11-May-13, 5:56 PM | Message # 4
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TwinkieDate: Saturday, 11-May-13, 5:58 PM | Message # 5
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what you talkin bout i couldnt come up with a better sponsor pun than that

Added (13-May-11, 6:58 PM)
you will notice that the 27 has the best name and team pun in the entire field

#68 BITCHES!!!!!
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