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Nick out of Charlotte, NC
Th3NvSDate: Wednesday, 05-June-13, 9:53 PM | Message # 1
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Whats up everyone, my names Nick Im 27. Born ad raised in NC. Charlotte to be exact. I spent most all my time between Charlotte and Winston Salem, If my family wasnt at Lowe's or Rockingham we were at Bowman grey. My family raced in all types of different races, I ran only dirt track karts and quarter legends. my whole was huge into racing but for me when Dale Sr. died at Daytona I pulled away from Nascar. Kept racing for awhile but just didnt want to watch Nascar anymore. Now its been awhile and my kid loves nascar so Ive bee watching it again, and been wanting to get online. Been playing sprint cars 2 for ps2 and have been deciding where I will invest the money on Nascar 4. I wanted it for the online racing primarily. So soon I should hopefully have the game and be racing with you guys. I have a huge Call of Duty following on youtube and wanted to expand it to racing as well. But I want to race for the enjoyment I get from it. hope to see yall soon

kevo55Date: Thursday, 06-June-13, 6:36 AM | Message # 2
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thanks for joining nick!

for you i would recommend running tuesdays and thursdays to start off with, tuesdays run all kinds of tacks, and does so 3 times a night in a short "it 'n' get" format that will allow you to get feel for how each track we run behaves differently online. Thursdays are medium length races that gather the most amount of folks and run on speedways only, which make up the bulk of our series' schedules so that'll help you learn the ins and outs as well. 

we do run arcade mode in most series, but we use "hybrid" setups, made in sim mode and saved as .acd sets (change the file extension from .sim to .acd) so we can still change most of our stuff setup wise. 

another thing to do so you can get a base setup package to speed up the learning curve, go to the setups page and get them all in game so you can just hop in and customize as necessary.

one last thing to do is get the master car pack, and the latest car packs so you can see our slick custom paints (and if you want a paint, just give us a shout in the paint request forum) and check if you have the track we are using for certain events before going into the dedicated (links are on the series blocks within the mainpage for easy access, you'd actually be surprised by how many add-on tracks we have).

If you have any other questions, just don't be affraid to ask biggrin

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thekidinbuffDate: Saturday, 08-June-13, 11:28 AM | Message # 3
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You can sign up for a number here:
T18Date: Saturday, 08-June-13, 1:09 PM | Message # 4
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Welcome, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Forums » General » Driver Introductions » Nick out of Charlotte, NC
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