5:59 PM
Thank you.
2:07 PM
Happy Birthday? Tim?
1:03 PM
Happy Birthday Tim!
11:03 AM
Go Fitzy!
2:49 PM
Tony I demand a recount on largest margin, 2 laps at PIR is less than the gap at many RC races
9:44 PM
been too long guys... ill have to get in ts sometime.
4:22 PM
ant get in ts
2:43 PM
is ts down?
1:15 PM
Being week 13, anyone want to try B or C open tonight?
5:24 PM
i finally got nr2003
5:15 PM
Monday mini series http://norl.ucoz.com/forum/15-743-1 hope you can join us.
7:19 PM
tricky_ricky_usa@yahoo.com more info or text
1:54 PM
i will check back here also
1:53 PM
text 740-403-7115 if interested in racing .acd use your old sets from n4 and car file.hope i am not
1:44 PM
If anyone might be interested ,i see you guys no longer run n4,2002 is the same ,i race with a onlin