7:23 PM
Played around withe early iRacing AI. Promising
2:14 PM
There seems to be a scoring error, David Baldinger was clearly the best Ford this season.
11:53 AM
ONLY Honda.....
10:22 AM
Well I installed it but have not used it yet.
2:45 PM
Tim, are you operating on the FSX:SE beta branch?
6:11 PM
Tony... just pull screen caps from the VOD
4:32 PM
Congrats Walt on your retirement from the NASCAR Racing 4 Extravaganza Series!
11:30 PM
Instead we will commemorate the drivers!
11:29 PM
be no recap!
11:29 PM
Due to me changing the drivers for next year the replay for Homestead will not load and there will
10:52 AM
Some even more Tony.... wink
2:56 AM
A full lap is 360 degrees
11:57 AM
Tony how much banking do you think PIR has?
9:20 PM
No Tim, that's clearly McMartinsville Speedway
4:07 PM
um.. thats a Micky Ds Tony