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Chicagoland 2013 Tire Test
T18Date: Saturday, 19-January-13, 11:12 AM | Message # 1
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Trying to get a time/ date set that works for the largest #.

Been building a new Chicago for N4. This one has accurate banking at 18 deg, and of course a curved back stretch. Its NOT grip hacked.

Looking to get the ini figures set in a good place for fun racing, a reasonable tire heat and wear and of course to catch any stupid shit i may have missed before it kills Tony, Ben or anyone else in a race.

Here is the version current of 1-18-13 -

Note the billboards of many colors in turns 2 and 3 are place holders, they will not be rainbow signs in the final version, the AI suck atm and the pit stalls are not done (1/2 of them don't work and 3/4 are not placed correctly) I suggest a banked vegas setup as a starting place or possible Michigan.

So anyone have a suggestion of a good time for a test?
SpeedyDate: Monday, 21-January-13, 10:08 AM | Message # 2
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This sounds great I like it.

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kevo55Date: Monday, 21-January-13, 6:07 PM | Message # 3
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id like to do it wednesday after the townhall seeming theres no more cup races

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