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The Pennsylvania hills region welcomes it's finest competitors! East of Burwick lies the wondrous Pocono Raceway, ready to roll for the Pocono 400. Bill Werkheiser wins what could be his final Extravaganza Series pole, hoping to bring home the pie in old-man style! If not he will eat his Costco pie in the same style.

Race Results

Points Standings

Race Recap

Bill Werkheiser lost the lead on the first lap, relinquishing to Ryan Heuser as the #6 dropped to the back. Zach Michael took the helm three laps later, watching Dave Miller come out of the pits one lap down with clutch issues. Points leader Ken Pettit nabbed his first bonus points of the race on lap 7.

Miracle-man Cristian Torres shows what Toyota horsepower is all about! He leads only his 10th lap of the season before Craig Lee and the dominators of Extravaganza rummaged through. He, Alex Crapser and Rookie of the Year leader Molemar Diggs take turns at the helm before the first caution.

Tunnel-turn devastation occurred on lap 40. Rob Scarberry and Ben Geer made contact entering the corner, sending the Twinkie machine hard into the outside wall. Jimmie Stevens sent Geer into a half-flip, with Steven Spears, Tony Gunk, Chauncey Redmond Jr. and pole-sitter Bill Werkheiser all piling up into the accident. Only Spears would continue on, eventually blowing an engine on lap 95.

Molemar Diggs and Matthew Dominique battled defiantly for the top-spot after the ensuing restart. The #41 prevailed, eventually losing the lead to Matt Raboin, Ken Pettit and Logan Sheets. The entire Quantum Racing brigade raced inside the top-5, staying withing the lead group by the halfway point.

Trae Larkin blew an engine early in the go, dropping to 38th in the standings after two top-15's to begin the season. Up front, Craig Lee took the helm with John Tharp and Dan Johnston meandering through the field, finding themselves up front for the first time. Logan Sheets would steal the lead back to win the Halfway Bacon Bonus.

Reigning Champion Ryan Heuser and points leader Ken Pettit come out of the pits 1-2. Heuser is going for victory #83, hoping to pass "Rapid" Roscoe Riker for third on the all-time list. A Steven Spears engine failure would bring out the caution, bunching the field back towards the lap 100-mark.

Race dominator Logan Sheets slammed Spears during the green flag stops, losing four laps after fixing the damage. It's a devastating blow for the Quaker State team, ending their three top-12 finish streak and dropping from 18th to 25th in the standings. Up front, Ryan Heuser dominated the initial 10 laps after the restart, holding off Alex Crapser and John Tharp before the #14 finally stole it away.

John Tharp blows a tire with 39 laps to go! All the hard work to pass the #138 falls into the drain hole, limping to a 36th place finish despite a dominating effort. Heuser, Alex Crapser and Matt Raboin fought for the top spot afterwards, with Heuser and points leader Ken Pettit coming in early. Just after they stopped, Bink Lucas and John Battista crashed in turn-3, bringing out the yellow flag mid-cycle. 18 cars entered the pit road prior, handing them the top-18 spots as Matt Raboin and Alex Crapser dropped to the rear. They would never find their way back.

Ken Pettit takes the lead! Ryan Heuser struggled early with the 2-lap older tires, handing the top-2 spots to teammates Pettit and Rick Jackson. The #44 Crown Royal team looks to tie Buddy Griswald for his 70th career victory, taking the lead away with 20 laps to go! Miracle-man Cristian Torres powerhoused his way to the second position in search of his first win, sandwiched between the Jackson cousins, Timothy McDonnell and Pettit. Scott Jackson, who stood in the 45th position during the initial laps, finally passed Torres with 7 laps to go with a hard-charge from Timothy McDonnell from behind. Jackson hasn't won a race since the 2021 Sharpie 500. McDonnell drives with severe bruising on his body after an a mortifying accident last week at Kansas. The #22 made his mo ... Read more »

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Qualifying Results
CFM Motorsports president Yogi Arnoux renders Timothy McDonnell "bruised beyond comprehension" but is "ready to ride" for Pocono. Hopefully he will ride with ability to turn a steering wheel. The newly-christened "catchfence man" goes to one of his best racetracks, destitute of extreme physical torture. If is engine holds up, he or Craig Lee will be the men to beat. Their records here are fabulous, with Lee breaking out of his funk here in 2023. Three years earlier Volkswagen won their first two Extravaganza Series races, watching The #22 sweep the Pocono duels en route to their third Championship title. It's not one of McDonnell's favorite tracks to race, but he did mention that he "enjoyed the facilities". We're not sure if he was referring to Pocono itself, the lavatories or the infield cream pies sold by Farmer Spence behind the old legends oval. Either way, look for McDonnell or Lee to be among the favorites today.


2024 Carnage Ratings (10,000 is Critical)

1. William Perry @ Atlanta: 9,607
2. Dakota Wilkins @ Daytona: 9,500
3. Adam Crapser @ Texas: 9,310
4. Timothy McDonnell @ Kansas: 9,107
5. Ziggy Moonglow @ Texas: 9,107
6. Ryan Heuser @ Homestead: 9,060
7. Steven Spears @ California: 9,060
8. Alex Crapser @ Texas: 8,857
9. Mark Heron @ Rockingham: 8,679
10. Matthew Dominique @ Rockingham: 8,619


Milestones are in reach at Pocono! Ryan Heuser needs one more to pass "Rapid" Roscoe Riker for third on the all time list! A godsend for his season if he can pull off the feat, coming in 30th in the standings after two straight DNF's. Rick Jackson hopes to tie the late Buddy Griswald for 6th. A victory would cap his third-straight top-5 finish with the ultimate prize! They will start 2nd and 25th respectively. Bill Werkheiser is on the pole!

Extravaganza Series Career Wins

1. Harrison James: 129
2. Buddy Rakestraw: 88
3. Roscoe Riker: 82
4. Ryan Heuser: 82
5. Scott Jackson: 78
6. Buddy Griswald: 70
7. Rick Jackson: 69
8. Mert Socks: 65
9. Brandon Beyke: 58 ... Read more »

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An immaculate race track! Kansas Speedway has seen it's share of winners and spinners; smokers and chokers; crashers and throttle mashers! Ken Pettit comes in leading the points by 14, handicapped after a qualifying crash. He and Crapser will endure the traffic jam of the century! Up front, Timothy McDonnell looks to win his second-straight Pizza Hut 400.

Race Results

Points Standings

Race Recap

Bink Lucas hopes to earn his first top-20 finish since his victory at Texas! He leads the field to the green, leading the opening two laps before Zakk Miller took the point. The #30 Bepis Mustang scored a lap led in nine of their last ten events. The race he didn't was his pole-sitting effort at Atlanta.

A three-wide frenzy for the top-spot on lap 8! Timothy McDonnell renegades to the front, leading his first laps since mid-March at the Cracker Barrel 400. He, Miller, Ryan Heuser, John Battista and William Perry would occupy the top-5 spots by lap 50, with Heuser up on top for the remainder of the run.

John Battista's bid for the lead came on lap 91, 102 laps short of his 193-french fry large he got from Wendy's on Thursday. Every year, Tito from the Parallel Parkway chain stuffs as many fries into the box as possible, giving Battista and crew the ammunition they need before opening practice. He crammed 186 into the box two years ago, handing the meal to jackman Bo Densham. They won the pole the following day, and hope to win tonight's race in the same grand style!

An accident involving Jeremy Hebel, Alan Nesfeder and Dalton Lucas scaled down the flow of the event, bringing out the caution flag on lap 114. Lucas's car half-flipped over Hebel after the three cars slapped the outside wall in turn-1. Lucas would ride the barrier and miraculously continue. Nesfeder also carried on, with Hebel finishing 44th. Hebel would drop from 11th to 17th in the standings. Two more crashes involving Zakk Miller and Jonathan Skrabacz halted the field, both able to limp to top-32 finishes. Miller would drop to 4th in points.

A mortifying crash off of turn-4. Ryan Heuser and Molemar Diggs made contact, sending the #138 in a tailspin of the ages! Timothy McDonnell wheel-hopped off of Markell Murphy attempting to avoid the accident, sending McDonnell flying atop the roof of Heuser. The Caterpillar #22 desolated the catch-fence and into a series of pirouettes, getting smashed by Dalton Lucas roof-side first after landing.

Both Ken Pettit and Alex Crapser were involved in the accident, with the #04 Pennzoil Chevrolet unable to continue on. In all, McDonnell, Heuser, Murphy, Pettit, Crapser, Lucas, Matthew Dominique, Donald Stewart, Chauncey Redmond Jr., Jonathan Skrabacz, Dakota Wilkins, Jimmie Stevens, David Butterworth, Cristian Torres and Dan Johnston all received damage from the crash. McDonnell was airlifted to the University of Kansas hospital, waving to the Legends Field prep crew during the transit. Miraculously, he appeared to avoid serious injury.

McDonnell's teammate Johnny Reed Foley stole the lead from John Battista after the Scrabacz incident, leading the field to green for the ensuing restart. Three 'John's" would occupy the top-3 positions through the 20-to-go mark, with miracle-men Bill Werkheiser and Ziggy Moonglow attempting to steal the show late. Up front, Foley and John Tharp would race side-by-side for several laps before Tharp took it outright before the final green flag stops.

Foley and Battista entered the pits with 24 laps-to-go. Tharp came in one lap later, waiting for one of the three to come in before he made his commitment. That move would lose him the race. The #3 AC Delco Chevrolet flew by Tharp on the backstretch, pulling ahead for the remainder of the event while Tharp dropped to the fifth position.

Old man Bill Werkheiser was on the charge! He had to qualify just to make the 45-c ... Read more »

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Qualifying Results

The rotisserie atop the Extravaganza points standings continues! Ken Pettit's victory puts him atop the board, and as luck would have it, qualifies 44th for the Pizza Hut 400. Alex Crapser grids middle-of-the-pack in 24th, with Zakk Miller likely to occupy the points lead after the first lap is complete. Timothy McDonnell won the Pizza Hut 400 one year ago, showing speed again after starting outside front-row. He joins a plethora of multiple-time winners in 2023 who have failed to win this season. This could be the breakout race for these guys to dominate the summer stretch.

2023 Multiple-Time Winners (Winless in 2024)
1. John Battista: 2nd at Alanta, Texas
2. Rick Jackson: 2nd at Darlington
3. Ryan Heuser: 3rd at Richmond
4. Matt Raboin: 3rd at Rockingham
5. Tony Pizzaro: 4th at Bristol
6. Timothy McDonnell: 7th at California, Atlanta

Bink Lucas nabs his first pole of the season! Lucas qualified dead-last at Darlington, and finished dead-last the previous week. It's been a rough road since his victory at Texas just six races ago. Timothy McDonnell starts on the outside front-row, suffering similar woes related less to bad fortune and more to lack of speed. Look for the "Volkswagen man's" luck to change. Timothy McDonnell turned his season around last year at Kansas, starting his streak of five-straight top-3 finishes with a victory in the Pizza Hut 400! This year he's failed to earn a single top-5, not leading a lap since Atlanta and showing very little speed. Crew chief Kenzou Yamada decided to bring that Atlanta car here. The result is an outside-pole, hoping to beat Bink Lucas to the line and dominate the show! A dominating summer stretch for McDonnell, Battista and Heuser is in the midst after a slow start. The Pizza Hut 400 could be the catalyst.


An apparition of Walter Chrysler was rumored to be seen at the Auburn Hills headquarters. The big-men at Dodge are in severe dismay, citing their bereftness of victory as justification for the ghost. "We were smoking a pack of Marlboro lights next to the headlamp room. Suddenly, he was just standing there." said one of the clerks. "He said something about a fork and disappeared. He looked peaceful." Look for Quantum Racing to use this as ammunition for a well-needed victory.

Friday, May 10th, 6:00 ET

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Alex Crapser, Ken Pettit and Zakk Miller come into Darlington in a dead-heat for the Extravaganza Series title! Each driver has scored a victory, 100+ laps led and combined for 29 of 30 finishes inside the top-30. All three failed to start inside the top-15, with points contenders Johnny Reed Foley, John Battista and Dakota Wilkins hot-lapping their way towards the front of the grid!

Race Results

Points Standings

Race Recap

The moon is full enough to heat the racetrack, forcing drivers slide for the entire 400-mile distance. Jeremy Hebel earns his first career pole, lacerating the asphalt with a 28.021 mile-per-hour lap with Michael Henson on the outside! Neither would lead the first lap, with Matt Raboin narrowly edging out Hebel to earn the first bonus points of the race.

Johnny Reed Foley and Craig Lee both made attempts at the top-spot, with the #101 power-housing his way to the point on lap 17. Rookie of the Year leader Molemar Diggs spins out, slapping the outside wall and into Ken Joynt. The #41 Pittsburgh Steelers Chevrolet spun around once and continued forward, bringing out the first caution flag.

Last week's winner Dakota Wilkins found himself atop the heap after pit stops, leading his third-straight event with Ryan Heuser, Michael Henson, Dave Miller and Chauncey Redmond Jr. ready to pounce. A three-wide maneuver for Miller was deemed unsuccessful, giving Heuser the advantage on the high-side to keep the second spot. The #138 took the lead on lap 32, handing it to teammate Miller five laps later.

Quick-Silver Motorsports and Lucas Racing occupied the top-four positions, with Adam and Alex Crapser creeping towards the front. Points leader Alex took the lead on lap 54, dominating the remainder of the run before a check-up on pit road. This handed Adam, Dave Miller and Alan Nesfeder the advantage.

The #90 Marlboro Chevrolet blows a right-rear tire! The leader now stood in the 44th place, ahead of only Tony Pizzaro and John Battista's engine failure. Everyone else remained on the lead lap by the halfway point, handing Alan Nesfeder the Halfway Bacon Bonus with Adam Crapser, Logan Sheets, Rick Jackson and Zakk Miller directly in tow.


Points leaders Crapser, Miller and Pettit all crab-walked their way to the front despite their mediocre starting spots. Miller and Pettit all battled deep inside the top-10, with Crapser dropping to 14th after a myriad of bad pit stops. Up front, Alan Nesfeder and Adam Crapser pulled to a near four-second advantage over the field with 85 laps remaining.

Ryan Heuser breaks a camshaft with 60 laps to go, dropping from 19th to 28th in the standings after a 44th place finish. Darlington hoped to be the tide-turner for he and John Battista, both going winless for the first ten races in 2024. Both finished outside the top-43; the first time the top-2 winners in the previous season would finish that low in Extravaganza Series history. Geno Sphere also lost an engine, dropping his average finish to 32nd while remaining 40th in points.

Alan Nesfeder's crew missed the signal to come in during the Heuser caution! The race dominator is forced to pit the ensuing lap, leading 106 circuits to finish 28th and end his three-race top-10 streak. The benefactor was Rick Jackson, leading his first laps on the night after an immaculate pit stop by the Crown Royal crew!

The lapped car of Cristian Torres scraped the outside wall exiting turn-2, forcing Jackson to lift and hand Miller the advantage on the inside! Adam Crapser took the top-spot with 48 laps-to-go. He, Miller, Jackson, Johnny Reed Foley, Logan Sheets and Ken Pettit rode in a six-car conga-line for the victory! Miller made several attempts to pass Crapser, with the last one costing him two spots. Foley and Pettit made it by the #30, continuing to race for second before Pettit took the position. The #8 Bob Marley machine closed towards the Packer man, looking to steal his first career victory away after five-years of emphatic frustration. Crapser could not hold him off, handing Pettit the lead with 20 laps remaining and never looked back.

... Read more »

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Qualifying Results

Blazin' Pedals Racing strikes again! Jeremy Hebel becomes the first 2024 rookie to win the pole, clocking at nearly 27-seconds in his first official timed-lap at the facility. He enters the Rebel 500 140 points behind Molemar Diggs, both finishing a lap down at Talladega and ending Molemar's top-7 streak. Michael Henson will start on the outside, hoping to score a top-10 finish for the struggling Shake N' Bake Racing organization. Atop the points, neither of the top-4 in the standings will start inside the top-15! Points leader Alex Crapser has been prophesied by Steven Spock to become the first "20-30" man in modern Extravaganza (20 top-5's, 30 top-10's). With 46 racecars, a top-10 at Darlington will prove the toughest.


Rattle Snake Drake won the first Rebel 400 in 1952. Scott Jackson has won a record five, including his "blow and go" victory fifteen years ago! He will start 41st, still looking for his first top-20 start for the struggling W.A.S.P. Motorsports. Teammates Bill Werkheiser and Geno Sphere both enter outside the top-35 in points, each having to qualify their way into the field. This could be Werkheiser's second-to-last attempt at the "rustic" facility, hoping to turn around his campaign and make the Southern 500 in September. A pair of 8th place finishes at Atlanta and Bristol for Scott Jackson are the only highlights of the 2024 season, with a clear horsepower advantage compared the big guns of Extravaganza. If any racetrack can break the slide, this is it.

First Ten Rebel 400 Winners
1952: Rattle Snake Drake
1953: Raymond Hale
1954: Dick Seymour
1955: Wimpy Brown
1956: Raymond Hale
1957: Solitaire Swede
1958: Half-Dollar Motley
1959: Solitaire Swede
1960: Wimpy Brown
1961: Buddy Griswald

Friday, May 3rd, 6:00 ET


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Nine different winners during the first nine events! The vitriol of Talladega could produce a tenth, with horsepower, pit stops and avoiding casualty the primary recipe for victory lane! Ryan Heuser stands on the gas as pole-sitter, leading the first 46-car field of the season!

Race Results

Points Standings

Race Recap

The Lucas Racing brigade caught the slipstream early, drafting with Ryan Heuser in a 1-2-3 punch at the front. Jimmie Stevens and Chauncey Redmond Jr. broke up the bash, working with points leader Zakk Miller and Johnny Reed Foley to pass the lead-trio. The "AMPIO" #2 stood atop the heap for 20 laps, as memories of their early season struggles dwindle into the abyss.

Chauncey Redmond Jr. took the lead outright on lap 32. He, Stevens and Heuser would dominate the remaining run, going 52-laps before the first fuel stop. "AMPIO's" teammate Bink Lucas and Steve Inkman fell to the engine bug early, both dropping outside the top-20 in points.

The entire field took fuel around the lap-50 mark with Matthew Dominique coming out on top. He and Markell Murphy raced defiantly for the top-spot before a Johnny Reed Foley push put the #47 in the lead. 18 cars still remained in the lead draft, with points leaders Zakk Miller, Ken Pettit and Alex Crapser seven seconds back after attempting to stretch their gas mileage.

Timothy McDonnell and John Battista both lost a lap early, one after pit contact and the former with a left-rear puncture. Rod Weston, Trae Larkin, Geno Sphere, Zach Michael, Ken Joynt, Mark Heron, Jeremy Hebel and Tony Long also lost a lap before the half-way mark. Markell Murphy and Matthew Dominique continued to dominate the remaining stint, with the Red Bull #47 earning the Halfway Bacon Bonus.

Murphy and Dominique came out 1-2 after the second stop, with Logan Sheets, Cristian Torres and Johnny Reed Foley suddenly in the fray. Adam Crapser, Scott Jackson and Geno Sphere would blow smoke after 100-straight laps of green flag action. Jimmie Stevens, who dominated the early portion of the event, lost a lap after a mortifying pit stop lost them the draft.

Dalton Lucas and Trae Larkin collide on the backstretch, collecting points contenders Ken Pettit and John Battista! Lucas and Molemar Diggs slid into the infield grass and up the turn-3 banking, with David Butterworth gyrating into the path of Bill Werkheiser. John Tharp was also involved, possibly ending his streak of nine top-20's to begin the year. He, Pettit and Miller would continue, with Lucas, Butterworth, Werkheiser and Battista heading to the garage after the accident. Still, 37 cars remained for the final 60 laps.

The Red Bull #47 continued to dominate after the restart, leading the field through lap 32 before Cristian Torres and Johnny Reed Foley took the point. Foley, Donald Stewart and Craig Lee each swapped the lead as we headed for the final round of green flag stops. Markell Murphy, Johnny Reed Foley and Matt Raboin came in the earliest, exiting the pits in-line with the pack and continuing their momentum.

Craig Lee runs out of gas with 28 to go! Teammates Logan Sheets and Matthew Dominique battle ferociously at the front, but came in to pit earlier than they anticipated after the #101's misfortune. From there, Alan Nesfeder, Matt Raboin, Dakota Wilkins, Donald Stewart and Alex Crapser joined in for the final seven-lap breakaway to the finish!

Logan Sheets made a bonzai move underneath Raboin to take the top-spot away with 6 laps to go! He pulled to a tectonic advantage with draft help from lapped traffic, handing Raboin, Crapser and Dakota Wilkins the slipstream of the century entering turn-1 on the penultimate lap! Wilkins made a three-wide move underneath the trio. He was successful, with help from Alan Nesfeder from behind. The two raced side-by-side for the entire white flag lap, with draft help from both sides and no direct challenge from behind!

... Read more »

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