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NASCAR Racing 4 Drivers


Jimmie Stevens

 photo 2_zpsumrkbmnw.png


Bill Werkheiser

 photo 6_zpsppmmdtjh.png


Ken Pettit

 photo 8_zpsvxl2ozyg.png


Alex Crapser

 photo 04_zpsm7gofoty.png


Dale Rosendaul

 photo 11_zpsmbhqrzoo.png


Tony Pizzaro

 photo 12_zpshvcficzy.png


David Courtney

 photo 13_zps2bedvrcf.png


John Tharp

 photo 14_zpsnzvmujfy.png


Tony Long

 photo 15_zpskzrs6ix6.png


Scott Deutsch

 photo 16_zpsna6ekjlr.png


Johnny Reed Foley

 photo 18_zpsbszqedoy.png


Tim McDonnell

 photo 22_zps4y84vhew.png


Brian Lowe

 photo 23_zpsvuhkhnw5.png


Stephen Lowe

 photo 24_zpsj33xejrv.png


Matthew Dominique

 photo 25_zpswfiexj3d.png


Cristian Torres

 photo 26_zps3ofnvq4y.png


Zakk Miller

 photo 28_zpsf372jujv.png


Ben Geer

 photo 29_zpstqrsafp6.png


Mark Guthrie

 photo 32_zpsr1oy2fqv.png


Scott Jackson

 photo 38_zpswlv2yi59.png


John Battiista

 photo 39_zpsojwhrklu.png


Rob Scarberry

 photo 41_zpsusyg7ovn.png


Rick Jackson

 photo 44_zpstqnvirwi.png


Kevin Corbat

 photo 46_zpsdon6dmy1.png


Jonathan Skrabacz

 photo 48_zpsefk8txso.png


Aaron Cummings

 photo 51_zpshdrugd82.png


Glenn Kaufmann

 photo 54_zpsoosva8qt.png


Donald Stewart

 photo 55_zpslbukphxf.png


Brodrick Wittmann

 photo 68_zpsbnjwngsu.png


Scott Drake

 photo 71_zpsqysg6fn9.png


Alan Nesfeder

 photo 78_zpsn0lmp6rv.png


David Butterwiorth

 photo 81_zpsgjzl0kmu.png


William Perry

 photo 85_zpsj9th1o1s.png


Brandon Raines

 photo 86_zpsh3xhtdf3.png


Matthew Dominique

 photo 87_zps6x4drl5o.png


Dalton Lucas

 photo 88_zpsomgwjtzy.png


Dave Miller

 photo 90_zpsefr9ytqv.png


Randy Dobbins

 photo 96_zpspaakqpdg.png


Craig Lee

 photo 101_zpsnglc2i6z.png


Walt Flowers

 photo 114_zpsu79vaydb.png


Dan Johnston

 photo 121_zpsxy4phxij.png


Ryan Heuser

 photo 138_zpsnisxtp6n.png


Michael Henson

 photo 144_zps1ewkodvq.png

If any information is incorrect, contact Dalton Lucas (TheKidInBuff) via PM on the site or Teamspeak.


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AI Extravaganza

Friday, February 4th, 6:20 ET
Homestead Results

Big Bud Shootout
AI Bonanza

Lost television deal after Fogger Wayne kidnapped the camera crew. Will simulate and keep points.

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