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Steve Inkman crashes his #57 Cholula Dodge Intrepid rear-end first into the turn-1 wall at Atlanta Motor Speedway, flipping twice and landing back on his wheels. His speed was over 170 miles-per-hour during the moment of impact, and was rushed to the nearest medical facility for further observation. Inkman had landed his new-found sponsor only two months ago, elated at the chance of running the entire 2022 season. There is no word yet on his condition.

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NFL referee John Hussey will pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an N.O.R.L. top-tier sanctioned racer after earning his Bonanza Series license last week! The NFL has decided to sponsor him in a #35 black and white Chevrolet, co-owned by Harry Lapp and his wife Paula with sanctioning sponsor CUDDLY animal welfare. At age 57 and nearly no experience on the racetrack, several Bonanza Series regulars are in dismay at the story. "He'll be lapped within 10 laps at Daytona if he somehow makes the field" says veteran Ron Stout. "He is in the business of making calls, now he's in the business of hitting walls. Good luck avoiding this man!". Extravaganza Series phenom and NFL super-fan King Joe Dawkins likes the publicity. "This will have millions of NFL fans viewing the lower-tier series, which is excellent for the current status of our sport. Let there be refs!". Hussey is expected to attempt most of the schedule between February through the end of July. "I'll be happy just to make one race. If we don't make the field, it means we didn't crash! We only have one car so let's make it count!"

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Race Results

Points Standings (After 21 of 29 Events)

1. Jonathan Cheeseman: 2706
2. Geno Sphere: 2639, 1 Win
3. Bink Lucas: 2569, 2 Wins
4. Cristiano De Sa: 2540, 2 Wins
5. Logan Sheets: 2461
6. Jared Mogard: 2378, 2 Wins
7. Brian Lowe: 2333
8. Ken Joynt: 2273, 1 Win
9. Steven Davis: 2226
10. Ron Stout: 2180


2021 Go Bowling 200 Race Video

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The Busch Bonanza Series points standings have been primarily recovered from a withered vagabond inside the Woodbury catacomb's off the limits of Williams Hill, South Carolina. He is known as "Fogger Wayne" by the few community residents. According to the Bonanza representative who was brave enough voyage into the crypt, Wayne had etched the standings into stone after every event. He would travel to the riverbeds for fish every morning, hearing camper radios of live race results on the weekends. He has reportedly been unable to record top-5's, top-10's or laps led because he is uneducated and can't count. The Bonanza representative took note of every etching, giving Wayne a new fishing pole and axe blade for the trouble. Here are the points that were added up:

Bonanza Points After 20 of 29 Events

1. Jonathan Cheeseman: 2551
2. Geno Sphere: 2512
3. Bink Lucas: 2440
4. Cristiano De Sa: 2431
5. Jared Mogard: 2296
6. Logan Sheets: 2291
7. Ken Joynt: 2233
8. Brian Lowe: 2213
9. Steven Davis: 2096
10. Chad Glass: 2085
11. Joe Polson: 2042
12. Trey Larkin: 2016
13. Ron Stout: 2015
14. Ziggy Moonglow: 2000
15. Alec Stelloh: 1903
16. J.T. Armstrong: 1769
17. Molitor Hill: 1755
18. Philip Parker: 1750
19. Chad Glass: 1680
20. Adam Beresford: 1664

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Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 176 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 01-September-21

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 172 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 20-August-21


Coming to the lap 46 mark of the Busch Bonanza race at the Daytona Road Course, Bink Lucas drafted past Mark Heron for fourth place and eclipsed 241 miles-per-hour on the tri-oval. He is the first closed-course driver in the Extravaganza or Bonanza Series to pull off the feat, ensuring the Lucas Racing engine program is at full speed in 2021. "It's an honor to earn the feat for such a prestigious organization. I can't wait for the bonus." Bink still hasn't announced his Extravaganza team for the 2021 season, and this performance could one-up his rookie-season ride.

The final 6 laps saw both leaders endure problems, leading for David Baldinger and the Bonanza regulars to steal the top spots by the end. Zach Michael lost power entering turn 1 with 6 laps to go, as Johnny Reed Foley flew past with a 4 second advantage. He knew he could not make in on gas, and came in under the final yellow with 3-to-go. Despite the dominance of the two, the Bonanza Series regulars pulled off the endurance feat today.

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2022 will see the legislative heirs attempt their prowess in Busch Bonaza racing. Martin Van Buren's great-great-great-great grandson Larry Van Buren will make his debut late in the 2021 season, hoping to re-capture the glory years of his family's presidency. "It's an honor to compete against the best southern short-trackers in the land that my family helped establish." Van Buren is a modified driver from Woodstock, New York, looking to fulfill a dream for the ages.

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