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Horrified neighborhoods along with racefans screaming through the corridors of the Nashville Fairgrounds, diving for sanctuary as the racing gods permeate a "demon purple" across the skyline. Explosions reverberate as the grandstands shake vigorously enough to scare the mightiest of Bonanza race fans. "This is Franz McFerrend's way of telling us to get lost" said one spectator. McFerrend banned Extravaganza from this racetrack in 1978 in an attempt to crucify east coast "redneck" racing. Ironically, he is buried in nearby Murfreesboro and can probably sense the return of Nashville Racing from the grave. Time will tell if the race will go on, as the phantom-hellions of Extravaganza torment their second-tier series.

Saturday, June 19th, 3:00 PM ET

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 111 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 19-June-21


Qualifying Results

Jonathan Cheeseman comes in with an unbelievable 183-point lead on the field heading into race 14 of 30 at Iowa Speedway. In anticipation for the event, Poppa Harding Jr. and Fry Phillips co-won the "Cornhusker Gulp Challenge" in the Speedway infield, devouring 16 corn-cobs in only 10 minutes. Jared Mogard puked yellow after only 7 minutes of chowing. "I can eat 10 taco bell chicken chalupa's in one sitting, but this one takes the cobb." Which cornhusker will win the biggest short-track event of the 2021 Bonanza season?

Saturday, June 12th, 9:40 AM ET

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 122 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 11-June-21


Qualifying Results

Brian Lowe has climbed to 11th in points after two-straight top-10 finishes. Stephen Lowe earns the pole after a horrifying 2021 campaign. Just one year after earning the Quick-Silver Motorsports replacement ride, he is 34th in Busch Bonanza points. Mid-Ohio could mark the turnaround of his racing career. Second and third in points Ken Joynt and Ron Stout failed to qualify at the road course, leaving Jonathan Cheeseman to run away with the halfway championship!

Saturday, June 5th, 9:40 AM ET

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 128 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 04-June-21

Race Results

A huge lap 98 crash during the Charlotte Busch Bonanza event saw Brian Phillips up-and-over after huge contact with the James DeCourcy car. The biggest crash of the Bonanza Season ends with Phillips in a helicopter to the Atrium Health Emergency Hospital in Charlotte. There is currently word on his condition.

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 116 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 27-May-21

Qualifying Results

The second week of Charlotte starts with the Busch Bonanza 200-lapper. The longest Bonanza race of the season, with engines eager to burst into flames after mile-250. This will be the anti-Oswego challenge. No octopus, this time the only mascots are the Extravaganza veterans through the windshield. 

Thursday, May 27th, 9:40 AM

Category: NORL Busch Bonanza | Views: 123 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 26-May-21

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