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Lost Legend Series
LebuttreDate: Sunday, 16-September-12, 8:56 AM | Message # 1
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Well its been a while. We all know when its been awhile we need a release.The release is the Legend series. Its Time we fall back and have this very competitive series once again.Maybe we can change it up this time and make it a fixed series to keep us all on the same page.What kinda format would you like. Who will be in or who can race there way in.Could use a similar method as the allstar race.I have been working on a paint scheme off the paint scheme Zakk miller made for me in iracing which is a NORL paint scheme. How many spots are open 10 or 12. Lets throw down some ideas of what might work for you.Maybe thrown a enduro race in the mix maybe a shoot out week.What do you think fellow NORLERS Lets see where this thread goes Post what night you think is best or what time is best.Even if we have to pause a seiers for 6 weeks or alternate with a series on any certain night. PLZ SERIES DICTATORS DONT GET YOUR PAINTIES IN A BUNCH.LOL as well it might offend some or just one of you. Sorry this will be a n4 series and sorry if it offends some or just one of you lol. Fill this pot up im gonna look for a spoon to stir it to see what we end up with

JBattistaDate: Sunday, 16-September-12, 9:09 AM | Message # 2
Nationwide Driver
Group: Drivers
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Fixed Setup
50% Races
Week 1 -- Speedway
Week 2 -- Short Track
Week 3 -- Road Course
Week 4 -- Superspeedway
Week 5 -- Speedway
Week 6 -- Short Track

and so on.....

or maybe even do 2 races a night and make the tracks 2 different types....

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LebuttreDate: Sunday, 16-September-12, 10:45 AM | Message # 3
Group: In-Active Drivers
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think we can vote on tracks or put voted tracks in a hat and choose 50 percent to long 25 to 30 percent and track pending.Maybe all vote for favorite track then put in a hat draw 6 out
kevo55Date: Sunday, 16-September-12, 10:57 AM | Message # 4
Crew Chief
Group: Administrators
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Fixed Setup
week tracks race length percentages (in order left to right)

Week 1 -- Daytona/Bowman 25/25
Week 2 -- Martinsville/Atlanta 30/20
Week 3 -- The glen/ Daytona infield 20/20
Week 4 -- Talladega/New Zen 25/30
Week 5 -- Michigan/Cleveland (maybe berlin if jb so chooses to convert his new berlin tracks) 35/10
Week 6 -- Charlotte, Indy, Darlington, daytona (the no Bull Sh*t 4) 10/10/20/15

multi races that add up to around 50% each night

each race is for CS, bonus points awarded for anyone who wins all races (with a special exception to the no bullsh*t 4, as seen below)

there is a chase while not having a chase, sounds hard to follow i know, but stay with me here. the no bullsh*t 4 is the chase! gathered from the 4 most prestigious races in the Sprint Cup. if you win two in a row you will get the usual bonus points awarded. However, if you win all four, you will get the bonus oints as if you won the other two PLUS a few extra for getting all four. the no bullsh*t 4 will be the quick way of having chase, while cutting the usual bullsh*t that comes with the chase.

points, award those who consistently win or get "podium" finishes to put an emphasis on winning
1st- 200
2nd 198
3rd- 196
4th- 175
5th- 170
6th- 165
7th 160
8th 155
9th 150
10th 145
11th 140
and so on

bonus points
lap lead- 1
most laps lead 2
win race 4
win a double, 8
gillette close shave of the race- 1
git-r-dun move of the race- 1

win the no bullsh*t 4- 15

2012 most wrecks involved in
2012 race to the wrecker champion
2012 most flips in a year award
LebuttreDate: Sunday, 16-September-12, 11:15 AM | Message # 5
Group: In-Active Drivers
Messages: 82
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Too long to wait til next meeting theres wednesdays or when ever is best Ussaly is an invite onlyanyway but was open to a new format. Shit if i could get 10 interested drivers who dont race 2003 and is open for mondays id even do it then Yjis way it gives some Nascar4 drivers another night to play aeound instead of have the night off
LebuttreDate: Sunday, 16-September-12, 11:25 AM | Message # 6
Group: In-Active Drivers
Messages: 82
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Could be possible can think of 6of top of my head plus is a short 6 week schedule you dont get that many maybe first 2 races and i was talking about drivers who dont race 2003 anyway wasnt including those who do well unless they would rather but your series is so good i doubt they would want to run some dumb fun series anyway

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