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As we get closer to putting the final parts in place to get back to racing, we are asking for some suggestions on what kinds of series we should run. Keep in mind they must work with in the limits of what exists for NR2003 and NR4, so no we can't do Mario Kart Blue Shells only.

Category: Announcements | Views: 377 | Added by: T18 | Date: 10-October-16

As some of you may know two of our members Tim (T18) and Kevin (kevo55) have recently begun producing a weekly motorsports podcast, The All-Around Motorsports Podcast. We would like to invite you to give it a listen either on iTunes in the podcast section or via soundcloud [ ]. We would also like your feedback on way we can make the show better, as well as suggestions for segments and guests, If you are interested in joining the show, or sending any feedback you can email




Views: 314 | Added by: T18 | Date: 30-June-16

Views: 412 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 03-May-16

As stated in the last article, server costs are not cheap, one option that had been discussed is the idea of renting a NR2003 server instead of N4. But we would not be quiting N4, I have been working to port all our N4 content over to NR2003 and editing tracks to match the feel of N4 using nearly identical setups (in fact they need only be copied to the new folder). This would also allow us to run other N2003 series with the same server (which is 1/2 the price of paying for 2 servers of course). I would like to setup a test of this version (working name NASCAR Racing 6) soon, but until then here is a sample of what it looks like.

Category: Announcements | Views: 420 | Added by: T18 | Date: 13-April-16

As many of you may have noticed, we have not been doing much if any racing recently. This is down to a number of factors, including server issues, members schedule changes, communication failures and some burnout of admins and drivers. Currently we find ourselves at a crossroads and choices must be made by all of us on how we want to move forward. Sadly economics is a major pressure in this process as servers are not cheap. That said, we will not let the great community we have build over the last 5 years here and from the last 15 years of NASCAR Racing 4 die. We have a very good thing here and a community and level of competition that I have never found anywhere else out there. This is why I find it critical that what ever comes next includes everyone and that we do not leave anyone behind. At the same time, we must work to bring new members into our group as we cannot let our group get stale. I hope in the next week or so to have a further announcement on details for our return to the track.



By the way anyone up for a race for April Fools day? Something silly for sure, any suggestions?

Category: Announcements | Views: 264 | Added by: T18 | Date: 31-March-16

 photo SpeedwayCup_zps1a0e6b4f.png

Unfortunately, due to the announcement of possible "retirements" from a couple of N.O.R.L. veterans, along with the issue of having multiple drivers unable to enter the N.O.R.L. Dedicated Server, the Speedway Cup Series has already been cancelled. There will be no Season 17. Instead of feeling sad, the N.O.R.L. would like to thank the Speedway Cup Series for building us some incredible memories over the last five years. Remember when Alex Crapser and Craig Lee crossed the finish line 1-2 upside-down up against the catch fence (click here)? Let's not forget when Dave Miller went from 7th to 1st in one lap to pass Scott Jackson and make the Season 11 chase by 1 point (click here). We also had are closest N.O.R.L. finish in this series, with replay manager calling the race a "dead tie" between Alex Crapser and Tony Pizzaro at Talladega (click here). This was also the only series to have seven different winners in it's first seven races to start off a season (click here). We will treasure these memories as we move on to other series of racing, whether that be N4 or wherever you end up. There will always be space in our brains and in our hearts for Speedway Cup!


Speedway Cup Series Champions

Craig Lee: 3
Dave Miller: 3
Ken Pettit: 2
Scott Jackson: 2
Tim McDonnell: 2
Tony Pizzaro: 2
Alex Crapser: 1
Jimmie Stevens: 1


Speedway Cup Series First-Time Winners

Dalton Lucas
Cristian Torres
Zakk Miller


Here is a special recap from everyone's favorite Speedway Cup Season (by favorite I mean the only genuine recap we really have), Season 11!

Season 11, Part 1
Season 11, Part 2
Season 11, Part 3

Category: Speedway Cup | Views: 329 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 15-March-16

On that February afternoon 15 years ago, we lost Dale Earnhardt. He will not be forgotten.


Category: Announcements | Views: 210 | Added by: T18 | Date: 18-February-16

Scott Allen passed away last Wednesday at only 48 years old after a battle with cancer. Scott ran five N.O.R.L. Metal Mulisha Truck Series races representing Sim World Motorsports. He earned two top-5's and a top-10 in every race he ran with us. Scott also helped Sim World win the Season 2 League Championship, as well as earning Dodge a Manufacturer's Championship during the same season. We may not have known him very well, but he is very well respected in the NR2003 community and will be surely missed.

Scott Allen's SWM Memorial

Category: Announcements | Views: 231 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 09-February-16

Category: Speedway Cup | Views: 184 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 28-January-16

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