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Season 2 Truck Pack for the Fight Dirty Truck Series (Contains trucks from season 1 & 2).

Cars | Views: 2011 | Downloads: 796 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 06-October-13

358 Modifieds from Bullring.
Mods | Views: 2453 | Downloads: 755 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 09-February-13

Dirt Track in Brewerton, NY
Tracks | Views: 1614 | Downloads: 650 | Added by: JBattista | Date: 25-January-13

Dirt track in Canandaigua, NY
Tracks | Views: 1431 | Downloads: 735 | Added by: JBattista | Date: 25-January-13

Mods | Views: 2380 | Downloads: 863 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 22-February-13

New Heli Cam sound effect

Updates | Views: 1407 | Downloads: 528 | Added by: T018 | Date: 09-July-14

Dirt version based off of Berlin Raceway's World of Outlaws Late Models Down 'n Dirty 100 race in January.
Tracks | Views: 1807 | Downloads: 685 | Added by: JBattista | Date: 22-March-13

Dirt version based off of Berlin Raceway's World of Outlaws Late Models Down 'n Dirty 100 race in January.
Tracks | Views: 2857 | Downloads: 941 | Added by: JBattista | Date: 22-March-13

Its Berlin updated and after dark
Tracks | Views: 5209 | Downloads: 2950 | Added by: T018 | Date: 02-October-12

Bloomington Speedway for NR2003 made by T18
File or links to it may not be reposted or rehosted with out explcit permission from the creator, doing so violates these terms of use.
This Track is Free to the community.
For feedback or any other contact, email tpm2i@mtmail.mtsu.edu.
If this file is found linked to OR hosted on any websites without permission, said site will be subject to a DMCA takedown request.
If you find a file in this track that I have neglected to credit, please alert me to this so i can either remove it or credit it correctly.

Type: Real track

AI: Yes.  More or Less, they are very goofy at times and no match for humans

Mod support: GNS, CTS. (This track was not tested using any other physics other than those.)


V.8 Readme
Images from google.
Dirt Setups/ INI settings edited from those from Bullring.
Select 3dos from Bowtie and PWF.
Textures from DTR2.

AI are a tad buggy at times but raceable for the most part.

Tracks | Views: 2350 | Downloads: 1068 | Added by: T018 | Date: 01-June-14

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