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NASCAR Racing 4
NASCAR Racing 2003
Views: 520 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 03-September-12

Is now in the file browser and downloads.
Category: Announcements | Views: 598 | Added by: T018 | Date: 31-August-12

Category: Speedway Cup | Views: 563 | Added by: thekidinbuff | Date: 29-August-12

Category: Shootouts | Views: 527 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 29-August-12

Today, the N.O.R.L. is making an effort to get some consistency in the front office. The board idea was a very good one, but it just never really worked out. It's too hard to get people to meet up, and there is usually long debates with varying opinions on each side, and agreements were few and far between.

Starting immediately, Timothy McDonnell will be the new N.O.R.L. President. Ken Pettit will serve as his Vice President. All members will be expected to show them the utmost respect. 

The N.O.R.L. is going to go back to it's original, and very successful format of a front office that consist of a President & Vice President. They will be in charge of Everything in the league, from rules, to series directors and the website.

As of now, President McDonnell said he has no intention of making changes to anything and said he planeed to hold meetings on a regular basis for people to voice their opinions and concerns.
Views: 679 | Added by: McFoley | Date: 26-August-12

The N.O.R.L. Sunday Series Director John Tharp has released the schedule for the 2012 Winter season.

The first race will be a non-points event.

Category: Sunday Series | Views: 521 | Added by: McFoley | Date: 26-August-12

NASCAR Racing 4
NASCAR Racing 2003

Views: 605 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 25-August-12

Category: Shootouts | Views: 556 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 22-August-12

NASCAR Racing 4

NASCAR Racing 2003

Views: 643 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 20-August-12

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