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Main » 2014 » August » 24 » N.O.R.L. All-Stars: Race In Review (Part 3)
10:21 PM
N.O.R.L. All-Stars: Race In Review (Part 3)

Race in Review (Part 1)

Race in Review (Part 2)

As the prime time sky descends into a thick forest of darkness, the 10:00 church bells can be heard from miles away. The drivers seem to be paranoid about their fuel load coming to the green flag with 30 laps to go. Tony Long, Brodrick Wittmann and Craig Lee each topped off on the final caution lap and start from the back of the pack. Dan Johnston seems to be the least concerned about fuel-mileage while Ben Geer, Tim McDonnell, Ken Pettit & Tony Pizzaro look to conserve a little here and there as the run goes on. Tony Long, Brodrick and Craig will remain in fuel save mode for the entire run. The mind games will begin:

Ben Geer restarts first and jumps ahead

 photo 22_zpsbe1addef.png

Ken Pettit regains his earlier lead

 photo 23_zpsa38d7c27.png

Ken's teammate Tony takes the spot

 photo 24_zps1a3e3efd.png

Tony Long and Craig Lee tangle with only 21 laps to go!

Craig collides with the outside wall and loses the draft!

 photo 252_zps4a6dd8b4.png

Tony Pizzaro is ready to save some gas...

 photo 26_zpsaedc1342.png

...and so is Ken. Dan Johnston is taking the dreaded chance!

 photo 27_zpsace1ab16.png

Everyone parades behind Dan while saving

 photo 28_zps710b20b3.png

Dan and Ken cannot make the distance. Dan spins out!

 photo 29_zps10855010.png

Ken burnouts exiting and spins himself. Oh no!

 photo 292_zpsf6e91768.png

Three more come in with 2 laps to go

 photo 30_zps9e7266a7.png

Tim and Ben collide, flipping Tim over in the process!

 photo 302_zpsa8e6f581.png

Tony Long avoids the destruction and stays behind glen for extra mileage

 photo 31_zps8ce56f0b.png

It's the last lap, and Tony Long is out on the backstretch!

 photo 32_zps9bf6b015.png

Somehow Tony manages to coast around for the well deserved victory!

An extremely impressive display by a young driver who gets his first N.O.R.L. win in the fifth annual All-Star Race!

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