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All Series Apply to the Following Regulations


- Actions Contrary to Fair Play and Sportsmanship are Prohibited

SECTION A (Race Rules):

A-1. Drivers cannot intentionally or maliciously cause an accident or caution flag.
A-2. Lapped drivers cannot pit during the first caution lap.
A-3. Drivers cannot drive through pit-stalls on pit road.
A-4. Drivers cannot drive/speed through pit road in an attempt to pass the pace car and/or lap the field.
A-5. Under caution, drivers cannot drive through pit road in an attempt to gain positions on cars on the racing surface.
A-6. Drivers cannot speed down pit road in an attempt beat the leader to the start-finish line and lead a lap.
A-7. Drivers cannot exit pit road through the grass.
A-8. Drivers cannot pass on the inside line on restarts before crossing the start-finish line unless they are attempting to avoid a hazard (slow car, waved by, wreck, etc.).
A-9. Under caution, drivers on the racing surface cannot be ahead of the leader while crossing the start-finish line.
A-10. Drivers cannot let off the gas in front of the pace car and have the pace car push them to save gas.
A-11. Drivers cannot cut corners on road courses to gain an advantage (cutting corners = having 4 wheels off the racing surface for over a second)
A-12. Drivers cannot "ride" the walls to gain extra time on a lap.
A-13. Drivers without engine trouble shall only stop their cars on pit road, unless they are waiting to get into their correct position under caution.

A-14. Drivers may race back to the line after the yellow flag has waved.
A-15. Before taking the caution flag, if the leader allows a lapped car to receive his lap back he must announce that he intends to gradually slow down prior to doing so.

Failure to obey these rules will be at risk of in-race or post-race penalties.

SECTION B (Race Formats):
B-1. Once the qualifying session has been completed there will not be any restarts unless there is a server failure before halfway of the race session.
B-2. Under caution, drivers must remain silent on Teamspeak after the pace car exits the racing surface before the green flag waves.
B-3. If the server crashes and at least three drivers fall out, the following options apply:
        (a). Before the halfway point, the race will be restarted with as close to as many laps as possible. drivers that started the race and retired will receive last place points. Only the restarted portion of the race will count toward career stats.
        (b). After the halfway point, the race will be official if an export or print-screen of the standings is retrieved. If there is a server crash and an export or print-screen isn't retrieved after the halfway point of a race, the series director has the option to either postpone or cancel the race. If only a print-screen of the standings is retrieved, the race will count for points but not for career-stats.
B-4. The Warmup/Happy Hour session must always be turned on, even if the time isn't utilized.
B-5. Only series directors and league/server admin can have the server admin password set during a league night. 
B-6. If a series director is absent for his event, it is his responsibility to appoint a sub-director. If no sub-director is appointed then one of the league/server administrators must run the series during his absence
B-7. A driver can only be ejected from the server if he violates rule A-1 or becomes a nuisance.                   
B-8. A points race with less than 6 drivers will not count for the career stats. A non-points race with less than 11 drivers will not count for the career stats.
B-9. Neither Series Director nor Server Admin shall shut down the server until a replay and export have been saved.


SECTION C (Series Directors):
C-1. The series director has the right to ban/penalize a driver if they feel necessary.
C-2. Drivers cannot pass below the yellow/white line unless the series director allows it.
C-3. Drivers cannot continue a race if their car is smoking and cannot be repaired unless the series director allows it.
C-4. Drivers cannot receive assistance on the last lap unless the series director allows it.
C-5. Drivers cannot jump starts/restarts unless the series director allows it.
C-6. If there is an accidental flaw in the race settings noticed after the qualifying session, the series director has the option to either restart the current/previous sessions or continue as is.
C-7. If the race server crashes, the series director has the option to either let drivers re-qualify or allow the game to randomly assign starting positions before restarting the race.
C-8. The series director has the right to disallow a driver from qualifying for their series events.
C-9. The series director can apply his own reasonable start time(s), points system, race schedule, weather, settings, and race distance to his series' events.
C-10. The series director will apply his/her own pit-rules.
C-11. The series director can apply a multiple-accident/self-spin rule.
C-12. The series director can apply a select amount of auto-provisionals and or requested provisionals.
C-13. Provisional requests will be acknowledged by the series director if the requester is knowingly interested in running the season.
C-14. Obey all commands issued by a series director during all sessions.
C-15. Server administrators are allowed to post server commands if the series director allows them to.

SECTION D (Car Regulations):
D-1. Drivers must race their registered car number(s) in career stat and points events.
D-2. Drivers that elect to change numbers in the middle of a season must continue to run their old number until the season is completed.
D-3. Car paint schemes cannot be indecent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, harassing; contain expressions of hatred, bigotry, racism or pornography, promote or otherwise refer to illicit drugs, constitute or encourage a criminal offense, or otherwise be objectionable.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in: Car Removal From Car Pack.

Applicability of D-3 is determined by the car pack creator.

SECTION E (Racing Devices):
E-1. Drivers cannot drive with a keyboard during the qualifying and race sessions.

SECTION F (Penalties):
F-1. Any race penalty must be issued by the series director between 12 and 60 hours after the start of the event in which the incident took place.

SECTION G (Championship Tiebreakers):
G-1. In the event of a tie in the championship at the end of a season, the order of tie-breakers goes by:
Most wins, most second-place finishes, most third place finishes, etc. If all finishes are equal it will go by most top-5's, most top-10's, most laps lead, least number of DNF's, and coin toss by a league admin/series director.

SECTION H (Team Rules):
H-1. Teams must consist of 2 drivers and no more than 3 drivers. Teams that have more than 3 drivers retroactive of 06/26/12 will be grandfathered in until they fit the criteria
H-2. Teams may be game specific, IE a NR2003 or N4 only team, or for both.
H-3. Drivers may NOT own a team of which they are not a member.

Team Registration is to be handled by Dalton Lucas.

SECTION I (Definitions):
I-1. A Provisional constitutes the points for the position after the last driver on the official standings. IE if 16 drivers race a provisional is worth 17th place points.


NR2003 Series Regulations Only

SECTION AA (Race Restarts):
AA-1. Restarts for NR2003 events are allowed at the discretion of the Series Director however, the server may not be reset to before Qualifying unless the criteria for N4 restarts are also meet. 
 SECTION BB (Free-Passes):
BB-1. The driver in the highest position at least 1-lap down after a caution is waved will receive a free-pass if he was not involved in the caution.
BB-2. If the driver that is entitled to the free pass was involved in the caution, a free-pass will not be issued.
BB-3. The driver issued a free-pass must speed down pit road and get an end of the longest line penalty. His lap will be given back after the following restart.

SECTION CC (Series Directors):
CC-1. The series director has the right to throw out a yellow flag.
CC-2. The series director has the right to clear or administer a black flag if necessary.

SECTION DD (Commitment Cone):
DD-1. If there is a commitment cone/line set before the entry to pit road, the driver must cross the line inside of the cone to enter pit road. Once the driver crosses the commitment line he cannot re-enter the racing surface until he has driven the entire length of the pit road.

If there is a contradiction between an All-Series and an NR2003 regulation, please follow the All-Series regulation during an NR4 event. During an NR2003 event, please follow the NR2003 regulation.



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