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Race Results

A huge lap 98 crash during the Charlotte Busch Bonanza event saw Brian Phillips up-and-over after huge contact with the James DeCourcy car. The biggest crash of the Bonanza Season ends with Phillips in a helicopter to the Atrium Health Emergency Hospital in Charlotte. There is currently word on his condition.

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Qualifying Results

The second week of Charlotte starts with the Busch Bonanza 200-lapper. The longest Bonanza race of the season, with engines eager to burst into flames after mile-250. This will be the anti-Oswego challenge. No octopus, this time the only mascots are the Extravaganza veterans through the windshield. 

Thursday, May 27th, 9:40 AM

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22 drivers gear up for one of the biggest events in all of Extravaganza: The annual N.O.R.L. Extravaganza Series All-Star Race. Alan Nesfeder and Rick Jackson have won the last two, and they are both in the field today. On the pole is the #3 race favorite Tony Pizzaro. On the outside is the Shootout King Johnny Reed Foley. They will be a heavy front-row blockade for the other 20 drivers to endure for the 100 lap feature. $10 million dollars are on the line tonight!

All-Star Race Results


Early in the 100-lap feature saw Adam Crapser go for a wild spin in a battle for last place. Once the field got settled, it was John Battista and Tony Pizzaro going for broke up front.


Rob Scarberry went for a frontstretch spin to bring out the second caution early. In the aftermath of the restart, Battista would lose the lead to Matthew Dominique as the rest rampaged behind.


The three drivers involved in the previous two cautions were all involved in the third. It was not the Cinderella story for Rob, Adam or Randy. Dominiwue and Battista would lose the lead under yellow flag stops.5

Three-wide action for the lead saw the R2W teammates on the bottom, sneaking through the inside to take the #1 and #2 positions. From behind, Zach Michael and the race-sponsor #20 pulverized through the traffic to take the All-Star Race lead after halfway.


The Team Danger Zone cars seemed to have the advantage late, as Michael and Mark Murphy flew by the Race-2-Win brigade to take the 1-2 spots in the event. Dave Miller flew from outside of the top-10 to take a top-3 spot as well. Early leaders Battista and Dominique could not advance into the top-10 despite their tire advantage.

Zach Michael led the final 45 laps as the race stayed green for the entire second-half of the race. It was a Team Danger Zone 1-2 finish for the  second time in two weeks, looking to build momentum for the second half of the season. Congrats to Zach, crew chief Justin Knapp, and the entire Team Danger Zone crew for an excellent All-Star Race victory!

2021 All-Star Race Video

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There are some huge names in All-Star Qualifier #2. Jimmie Stevens, John Tharp, Ken Pettit and Bill Werkheiser all have excellent speedway horsepower, capable of winning the big show if they can only advance. Only the top-3 will make it.

Qualifier #2 Results

Busch Bonanza Series Champion Mark Heron started on the pole at his favorite racetrack. He faired well, though it took very little time for John Tharp to fly by for the lead and bring some of the rest of the field with him.

With no caution flags, the guys that started near the front were racing for the lead throughout. Bill Werkheiser and Jimmie Stevens made it past the #14 who was battling a loose condition. Bink Lucas found his way to third as the #6 and #2 continued their side-by-side endeavor.

Jimmie Stevens did an excellent job staying up front through most of the 40-lap event, but the field behind took advantage of their tire-saving strategy during the final 10 laps. Speedy banked for a caution that never came, as Ken Pettit and Adam Crapser flew to the top-3 with only 2 laps to go


Ken Pettit went from 13th to first on only 40 laps to win the second All-Star Qualifier. Adam Crapser and Bill Werkheiser were side-by-side for second, beating Ben Geer to the line by a car-length to advance to the Big Show. Congrats to Ken, Adam and Bill for their All-Star Race birth!

Category: NORL AI Extravaganza | Views: 135 | Added by: TonyPizzaro | Date: 26-May-21

The first qualifier for the 2021 All-Star Race presented some flying colors, including Alan Nesfeder, Zakk Miller, Donald Stewart and William Perry as the favorites to win the event. Only the top-3 will advance. Dan Johnston is on the pole.

Qualifier #1 Results

Dan Johnston and Alan Nesfeder raced side-by-side during the initial laps. Johnston re-rook the lead early, with Rob Scarberry in tow as the rest of the field battled two and three-wide behind for the third place spot.

Contact between Philip Parker and Zakk Miller off of turn-2 sent the #79 machine into the inside wall to bring out the only caution. Neither would wind up advancing, but looked forward to their qualifying effort for the Coke-600 next week.

Before the caution, Dan and Rob battled for the top-spot with Dan prevailing to the yellow. Unfortunately, a blown tire after hitting debris on the backstretch forced him to pit and put on tires. He would rally from 20th to 4th during the final 10-lap shootout. Up front, Rob Scarberry and Aaron Cummings battled for the win, with Stephen Lowe holding the rest of the field behind to make the Big Show.

Somehow Lowe was able to hold off a fresh-tired Dan Johnston for third and make the show, as Rob Scarberry won the battle to the line to win his first ever Extravaganza event in a long career. Congrats to Rob, Aaron Cummings and Stephen Lowe for making the show!

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