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October Carpack : In the downloads and file browser
Shootout Series  This week is 1/2 way in the chase
NORL Townhall : Wed @ 7pm ET, No issues on the docket at this time
NORL Test Series : Wed @ 9pm NWS11 will run @ Daytona SDT day and will be using the updated core.ini from the file browser (note backup the original)
Speedway Cup : Last week before the chase could see a change for that last few spots still.
FAST Series : Pulls an Italian Job this week with the first NORL event in Italia
Sunday Series : Another Road Course right after Monza, hope you guys can turn right this weekend
MTN Dew Trucks : Going to the worlds bumpiest 1.5 mile after well an odd race @ the Monster Mile
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NORL Townhall - Wednesday @ 7pm ET 1 hour limit. Issues on the Docket - What was up with the RLM server, A new N4 Master pack, changing the Core ini for NR2003 races.
Wednesday Test Series - Race one is this week @ Berlin 2012 Night running the CTS Hobby stocks and GNS Outlaw Lates, there will be a car pack, send cars to formula1fan at att.net before 6pm ET Wednesday
October N4 Car Pack - Send All New Cars to formula1fan at att.net before Sunday October 7th @ 5pm ET
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Truck Series - The new season starts this week as drivers visit Daytona. Green Flag is Set for 9:00pm ET
                      - The Truck Pack has been released: http://www.mediafire.com/?cmveqedbgb0fhbd
Shooutout Series - The chase for the Klinger Cup begins this Tuesday at 9:00pm ET
NORL Townhall - Wednesday at 7pm ET. The following will be discussed:
                           - Planning a new time or day for the meetings
                           - Revision of team rules.
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TRUCK PACK- Send in your trucks to zach12396 at live.com or pm TonyStewartFan. Deadline is next Sunday 9/23/12 at 11:59PM ET.
NORL Townhall- This Wednesday @ 8pm ET, on the agenda are, Wednesday Series as discussed last week, Reviving the Legends series and a motion to only allow Real names or user names in TS (IE no Russian, no Greek no spongebob etc).
TEAMSPEAK - The Teamspeak IP has changed it is now all the rest is the same.
Shootouts - This is the last week before the chase starts a change @ 7th is still possible so it should be fun to see who makes it
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First Big thanks to everyone who was there for the test, your input has been used to correct some of the bugs.
Please note Tonight's race is an ARCADE race.
Fixed those last few bugs.
NOTE everyone will have to redownload the track.
Change Log:
Stop Go Man now facing correct way
Added Caution Lights between 3 and 4
Turned Grip down .15 to avoid flipping
Moved early green flag point up 50m
Fixed Texture bug on pitlane catch fence
Added MY setup to the track folder for those who want it
Bill Elliot no longer holds record.
Or File Browser
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September 12th @ 8pm ET.
There will be a meeting during which any league related issues may be discussed ( please limit it to things which we can do, IE I don't want some one to suggest we run Farming Sim).
This meeting will last no longer than one hour, @ which time N4 testing for Zen Joltis 2012 will begin, The purpose is to determine which mode the track is to be run in, and if any other settings need to be changed (pace speed, Grip, Wear, heat, pit stalls, etc). the plan is to run @ least 1 race the length of a fuel run.
The track will be in the file browser, and following the test and tweaks will be put up for download.
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Is now in the file browser and downloads.
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Courtesy of N4Nites

Harrison Robert James, III, 55, of Kingsport TN. passed away May 5, 2009 at Holston Valley Medical Center.

He was born February 5, 1954 in Abingdon, VA.  He worked for BB&T Bank for the last twenty years and most recently served as Financial Center Leader.  Harrison was the Assistant Chief at Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department.  He had also volunteered at Piney Flats Volunteer Fire Dept. and Abingdon Fire Department.  He also enjoyed playing golf, fishing, hunting and entertaining his friends.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Ethel James.

Surviving are his wife of fifteen years, Lynn James, daughter, Carla Bidwell and husband Chris, Acworth, GA., Father, Harrison R. James, Jr. and wife Wilma.  Grandson, Lucas Bidwell.  Sisters, Susan Aleshire and husband John, Luray, VA., and Ellen James, Abingdon, VA., and his Special Pet, Proby.


Harry's personality shined though the speakers each week as many raced side by side with him from the early days of N4Nites to just a couple years ago.

Last year, Harry joined us for a few races.  Memories of "the old times" were re-lived and it was fun having him rejoin us.

In 2007, Harry took home his last
win at Atlanta in one of our pickup races although he was always a front runner.  Harry drove the #40 car and was one of the "good guys" on the track.  Clean racing was in his blood but even the best of drivers have a few 'memorable moments" that stand out from the rest.

Sept, 07, Harrison experienced one of those "exciting moments" with us at New Hampshire Motor speedway.  We had a 17 car field for this race.  Harry placed 6th after leading the most laps, only to be involved in a massive last-lap accident that mirrored a finish reminiscent of Nascar
driver Carl Edwards at Talladega a couple weeks ago.  Harrison Flipped and skidded across the finish line at Atlanta, finishing 6th.

During an Atlanta race (2006) at N4Nites, he and I got knocked around a bit while front running.  Later that night - he took the time to send me a personal e-mail apologizing for the contact even though he apologized over the air.  A very considerate and compassionate driver he was, and we were fortunate to have him race with all of us.

Harrison James loved Lowes and was a wizard there - he was a regular pole
winner at this track and most didn't even try to challenge him for the pole because he was "just that fast".

In 2004 we (Harrison, myself, Viper8 (Noel), and Matt Domique (Rousch7)) took 1st place for BEST TEAM.  This was a total (full year) achievement award and without Harrison leading our team, we would have never accomplished that award.  Back then, we practiced both on and off the track.

Harrison also had a passion for hunting and the outdoors, but he thirsted for Sim racing each week without fail.

As a friend of N4Nites, he will be missed by many.  As a sim driver, he will be missed by all those in the racing community and, as family man, he will be missed the most.

God Speed HRJ - thanks for all your help - the setups - the fun you gave us - and the camaraderie that you brought to the N4Nites Racing League and our sim racing community.

Dave Porter #24

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