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MTN Dew Trucks - Go to the West Coast @ Auto Club
Shootout Series - Three track all 1.5 miles or more but each very different
Townhall - 7pm ET Issues on docket
Where are we with the Cup series?
Reviewing the rule book, its about time to look thru it again
Cup12 Series - See above
Speedway Cup - Heads to Foleys home, Sparta
FAST Series - back in the New York Groove @ Zen Joltis 2012
DCS - Week two @ Fireman's park.
Sunday Series - Week two @ Daytona
Category: Announcements | Views: 542 | Added by: T018 | Date: 14-January-13

January N4 Car Pack - https://www.box.com/s/46jgk64ppbfiy173ja3a
Truck Series - Season Opener @ Daytona
New Master truck Pack - http://u.to/Xae8Ag
Shootout Series - Goes flat tracking with 3 short tracks
Townhall - 7PM ET Issues on docket -
 Shoutbox to be restarted see forums
Little Caesars Cup - Hit Michigan and hopefully this week the server don't crash.
Speedway Cup - Not high but Lowes, Night.
FAST Series - Racing the way it oughta been at Bristol
Dirt Car Series - Race one at Brewerton car pack to be posted soon.
Sunday Series - Kicking it down in Florida.
Category: Announcements | Views: 529 | Added by: T018 | Date: 07-January-13

MTN Dew Trucks- Gets Dirty in a pre-season event @ Eldora
Shootouts - Banking Madness @ BBP, TOC and Banked Indy
Townhall - Yes we took last week of in case you were not paying attention. 7pm ET Wed.
Issues on the Docket -
The shoutbox - people are abusing it AGAIN and this time will be the last
The Sunday Series - Need to confirm who is running it and the format
Teamspeak Filebrowser - Also being abused and flooded which was why no one could down load for part of last month.
The Snow - Do yall want that to stay all winter or should i turn it off?

Lil' Czars
- Picks up again from the tricky Triangle
Speedway - Builds some speed at Zen Joltis
FAST - THIS IS SPARTA.... Speedway
Category: Announcements | Views: 608 | Added by: T018 | Date: 29-December-12

December N4 Car Pack - Here - http://www.mediafire.com/?ld1em8111jv12ay

Shootout Series
- The Quest Gets Banked
NORL Townhall - Same time same place 7ET Wed.
Little Kaisers - Sin City Baby
Speedway Cup - Heads to MIS
FAST Series - Championship finale with a double header
Sunday Series - Gets Down in Dover
Category: Announcements | Views: 534 | Added by: T018 | Date: 03-December-12

HERE ---- http://www.mediafire.com/?p5sjm6yhb53k525
Category: Announcements | Views: 626 | Added by: T018 | Date: 27-November-12

Shootouts - We Keep Questing this week for our five (3) races
NORL Townhall - Wed. @ 7ET
Little Caesars - Kick off @ Daytona, Also send cars for the series to formula1fan at att.net before the townhall
Speedway Cup - Tackles the Tricky Triangle
FAST Series - We visit the home of Budweiser, well at least we are close.
Sunday Series - RIGHT TURNS!!!! GASP
MTN Dew Trucks - Headin to Dega
Category: Announcements | Views: 583 | Added by: T018 | Date: 25-November-12

CAR PACK HERE - http://www.mediafire.com/?fze5h3sv8nye36r

Category: Announcements | Views: 577 | Added by: T018 | Date: 08-November-12

Shootout Series - Big Preseason event tonight, Season starts next week, new format same time and place see the forum for more info.
NORL Town Hall - 7pm ET issues on docket, Wednesday Series approval
Speedway Cup - NEW SEASON STARTS @ Daytona night. So Sayeth the Forums
FAST Series - Looking for 7s in Vegas
Sunday Series - Visits Kid Rock @ MIS
MTN Dew Trucks - Head toward Music City but miss and hit Lebanon TN instead.
Category: Announcements | Views: 688 | Added by: T018 | Date: 05-November-12

Category: Announcements | Views: 618 | Added by: T018 | Date: 01-November-12

Shootout Series - Off this week, 5% winner picks races starting with banked homestead 9ET
NORL Townhall - Issues on the docket, Oversight policy for rule ∞, removal of shoutbox, new Wednesday series.
Halloween Race - Wednesday @ 9ET race will be at Zen Joltis 2012 35%, special rule for this event, you may NOT race your car, numbers will be 1st come 1st server
Speedway Cup - Season ends this week @ Homestead
FAST - Daytona Night, should be Fun on a Bun
Sunday Series - Hits PA in Long Pong.
MTN Dew Trucks - Follow the Sunday series into Long Pond.
Category: Announcements | Views: 567 | Added by: T018 | Date: 30-October-12

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