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Main » 2020 » July » 11 » Horror Crash at Indy: Geer In Pain, But Ready To Go
8:47 PM
Horror Crash at Indy: Geer In Pain, But Ready To Go

Ben Geer has exited his hospital bedroom just one full day after a cataclysmic wreck that nearly forced him out of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway facility. After severe hits from Jimmie Stevens, Donald Stewart, Kevin Corbat, Scott Drake and Glenn Kaufmann, the driver of the #29 Budweiser machine was cut away from his car and lifted into a gurney that sent him to the local speedway hospital. After many bruises and several cracked ribs, doctors cleared him to rest at his Florida home for the oncoming couple of days. There is no speculation that Ben will need a replacement driver for North Wilkesboro, but he may not be back in the car until then. It's a complete miracle that he suffered no head trauma in the incident.

Per Randy Orb "A horrible incident for Ben Geer occurred on lap 47 after contact between he and Dave Butterworth in turn-4. Ben's car spun hard into the outside wall, ricocheting into the path of Donald Stewart, who nailed the passenger side of the #29 with severe brutality at 130 mph. The car flew in the air immediately, with Jimmie Stevens nailing the hood of Ben's car at 136 mph just a quarter-second after the first impact. Ben flipped five times in three seconds, was at least three-stories high in flight during his impact with the catch fence, then landed directly in front of Kevin Corbat. Kevin's impact at 138 mph barely missed the roof of the #29 machine, but sent Ben flipping four more times in two seconds while slapping the roof of Scott Drake's machine. Ben preceded to get nailed in the rear by Glenn Kaufmann, who could not see from all the smoke and debris. He was thrust forward, slamming into the stopped #9 machine before an inside wall impact and a Jimmie Stevens roof impact stopped the Ben Geer #29 machine for good. Somehow, in the most miraculous of ways, Ben would leave the hospital just one day later to race again. He suffered many bruises and several cracked ribs, and a 41st place finish to add literal insult to injury."

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