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Michigan Banked
Ken Pettit: 26%
Craig Lee: 20%
Scott Jackson: 19%
Tim McDonnell: 17%
Tony Pizzaro: 5% - Winner
Any Other Driver: 13%

Ken Pettit: 25%
Scott Jackson: 22% - Winner
Craig Lee: 19%
Tony Pizzaro: 17%
Alex Crapser: 4%
Any Other Driver: 13%

Category: Announcements | Views: 476 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 16-August-15

Ken Pettit: 24% - Winner
Tim McDonnell: 23%
Scott Jackson: 18%
Craig Lee: 17%
John Battista: 5%
Any Other Driver: 13%

Monza Oval
Tim McDonnell: 28%
Ken Pettit: 23% - Winner
Craig Lee: 18%
Scott Jackson: 16%
Tony Pizzaro: 4%
Any Other Driver: 11%

Category: Announcements | Views: 549 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 06-August-15

After this week's Tuesday Series race at Talladega, three rules will be enforced immediately to prevent caution-filled races and unnecessary incidents on the track:
C-1. The series director has the right to ban/penalize a driver if they feel necessary.

C-11. The series director can apply a multiple-accident/self-spin rule.

E-1. Drivers cannot drive with a keyboard during the qualifying and race sessions.
I apologize to the drivers that these rules affect, but a keyboard just won't cut it on the track at this point.
Category: Announcements | Views: 480 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 25-July-15


As some of you may recall back in October 2014 Jules was critically injured in a crash near the end of the Grand Prix of Japan @ Suzuka, while we all hoped and prayed for the best, our worst fears came true this week as Jules passed on the 17th. Becoming the first driver to pass as the result of injuries sustained in a Formula 1 race since Senna in 1994. To remember him, we will be dedicating the August 3rd (Jules Birthday) Speedway Cup race in his memory as we will run the "Jules Bianchi 175" @ Zen Joltis 2012.


Category: Announcements | Views: 627 | Added by: T018 | Date: 19-July-15

Category: Announcements | Views: 460 | Added by: T018 | Date: 12-June-15

This years N.O.R.L. All-Star Race will consist of ten drivers, six of which will be automatically locked into the event. Drivers that are locked in will be 2014-2015 champions, combined with drivers with the most race wins for the 2014-2015 season until 6 drivers are locked in. To fill the rest of the field, two consolation races will be run before the N.O.R.L. All-Star Race. The top-2 of each consolation race will be entered into the field to fill the ten driver entry list. The main event will be 80 laps with realistic damage, weather, and yellows on. The track has yet to be determined, as Tim McDonnell is expected to create a new 2015 All-Star venue. July 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 ET will be the original scheduled date and time for the races, starting with Consolation Race #1. Unlike last years N.O.R.L. All-Star Race, locked-in drivers will NOT be allowed to race in the consolation races. You will be able to qualify for each event you are allowed to run. Good luck to every driver!

Category: Announcements | Views: 499 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 24-February-15

For the first time in N.O.R.L. history, neither of the front-row cars made it to the green flag during the Lowe's Night race this week. The N4 gods were abundantly clear that neither Craig Lee or Tony Pizzaro were going to start this race.

Category: Announcements | Views: 552 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 12-February-15

Category: Announcements | Views: 517 | Added by: TonyPizzarolosthispw | Date: 11-February-15

Here it is this time with a good bunch of new cars







Category: Announcements | Views: 509 | Added by: T018 | Date: 06-February-15

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